Principles of Blitzing

The first picture I choose represents alignment, the tower being in the center of the picture.

The second picture involves hierarchy, certain words are highlighted and emboldened

The third picture is color. The red is used because warm colors tend to make people hungry.

The fourth picture is contrast, the dark black compared to the light white.

Finally this ad focuses on space, it is simple and to the point.

Compared to the photblizt this assignment was not all that fun. It was hard finding the pictures that could meet the requirements. Especially considering I don’t live anywhere near billboards or advertising screens that are seen in the city.

I did know what I wanted to do for colors right a way however. I remembered hearing how fast food restaurants use warm colors as these color tend to make people hungry. Not only is this a rather ingenious way to advertise for food companies but it also portrays how color can change an image and its effect.

Space and alignment were two ideas that just came to me as I was thinking of what to do for them. I choose got milk mainly because I remember when the nutrition campaign began and thought the simplistic style fit in with space well.

Another student admittedly gave me the idea for hierarchy. While their picture involved emboldened labels I was reminded of textbooks and how they love to highlight”key words”. Finally there is contrast. i was struggling with what to do for this one for the longest time, then I began thinking about the woods used to illustrate the principle on adobe. I noticed the dark sides compared to the white center. This got me on track to thinking contrasts between white and black. After a couple minutes of brainstorming I finally came up with zebras.

This assignment was fairly tough. While I quickly came up with ideas for photoblitz as I read them ideas for designblitz took much longer. However, with the right inspiration I was able to come up with pictures that met the various principles well.

As Reflective as a Mirror

After watching the Ted videos and looking in to canva I can easily say that canva will influence my design blitz the most.

This is an example of one of my creations I made on Canva. With canva you can make very sleek and professional looking designs. In comparison the designs of Scher over incredibly complicated and were in some cases hard to read due to the direction and ordering of the words. The designs on canva further seem to be the type that Scher would hate, calling them overly simplistic or restraining. I think this is due to the difference between postmodernist and practicalists.

I found the sociologist turned designer, David Carson, very interesting. I specifically found the part where he talked about how the different font can give off a very different message. I liked this part the most because it reminded me of one of my daily creates I did this week were I had to post a tweet with the same message but in different fonts. The idea was to choose two fonts that gave off a very different meaning. Being able to relate something he talked about to something I did showed his discussions practicality.

I did notice a common message between both Carson and Scher. In one part Carson talked about intuition as being something you can’t teach and some people just have. This reminded me of Scher’s various comments on how at certain points in her career she just had “feelings”. Despite this common message however I did notice one difference in Scher and Carons’s message. Scher bashes helvetica in the beginning going as far as to call it “facistic”. On the other hand Carson at one point suggests using helvetica font. These seems more so do to her hatred for anything simple and clean looking that is born out of her post  modernist style. Overall the pieces were interesting. I personally found Carson funny throughout, however Canva will by far influence me the most in the design assignments.


This week we had to complete three daily creates

For my first daily create we had to propose an app idea. So i proposed and app i named Censor+. The app would monitor your phone for any potential offensive language and censor you if it found any. The app would prevent any mean tweets or hate speech from being spread on the internet. All for a small fee of $2.99.

My next daily create called for us to pick out a 3d printed model and explain how it represents us. I choose a model of Ireland.  I am proud of my Irish heritage and felt that the model accurately depicts and describes who I am.

My Final daily create called for us to enter what we wanted to tweet in to a program that would change our tweet in to an interesting font. There was a wide variety of choices but I finally decided on using the one above. For the most part I made this choice because it was one of the easiest to read.

Besides the daily creates I also engaged in my first media assignments. I enjoyed creating both images for the assignments. When reading through the syllabus the description for the media assignments had me slightly confused and worried. But after completing them I am proud of the assignments and realized it wasn’t nearly as confusing as I thought it would be.

Our is the sigil

Finally we also had to undertake a photo blitz. We were given a list of various requirements that our pictures needed to meet. For instance, a picture of someone else’s shoe or foot, or a picture with one predominant color.

Photography Foray

In regards to the photoblitz I wish I had done better in certain aspects. There was one picture I was unable to get. Additionally there were two others that didn’t meet the requirements as well as I would have liked. Despite that however I thought my photo blitz was very successful. I particularly thought that the picture of a painting met the requirement of making someone question if it was a picture really well. Looking forward I am excited to see what this class can teach me. As a marketing major this class seems like it could have some very practical applications.  The readings we had were already useful in undertaking the photoblitz. Especially with this photography unit. Given that photography plays a major role in marketing the things I have learned will be useful in the future.




Photography Foray

The Time I started at

Photo with a Predominant color


An interesting Shadow

Photo in to bright light

These two photos follow the tip of be aware of light well. With the first pic a very interesting shadow is being created due to the light from the sun. Additionally the second pic has a very nice sun glare that adds some color to the picture.


Picture of someone else’s shoe

Two objects that do not belong

Photo at an odd angle

Photo of converging lines

This photo emphasizes the point that your point of view matters greatly. Since the object is cylindrical and open at the top by taking a picture at this view point you are not only drawn in by the converging lines but also by the object moving down and towards the center.

Repeating pattern

Object in motion

This is one picture I admittedly had trouble with, making an inanimate object look alive. I tried to drop a pen and take a photo as it dropped. I however had trouble with the timing. With the limited time frame I got the best picture I could hope to get.

moving the camera

This was another picture I had trouble with. Thankfully the wind helped to give the trees at least some sense of motion as I moved the camera. However I do think this picture does well in making sure both the fore and background are interesting. The trees are at various distances not only filling both areas with something but it also gives the photo a sense of depth.


looking through an opening

photo of complexity

abstract photo

photo of joy


end time

One thing that I think I did well with the photo blitz is taking pictures of non traditional views like the guide recommended. I thought about what I wanted to take pictures of thoroughly before actually starting the blitz. This helped me incredibly in terms of time. I choose to take photos around my house and just outside it. I thought that this would give me the greatest opportunity for completing everything on time.

I think my Photo of Joy and the abstract photo worked the best. However,  abstract photo was the most inventive. I took a photo of a painting. I think that could confuse someone on whether or not it is a picture. I admittedly did have difficulties making an inanimate object look alive, as well as difficulties in making a feeling of motion. Other than that I am very happy with the pictures I took.

Our is the sigil

For the first media  assignment I choose the 3 star create your own sigil assignment. I choose the green and gold colors for two reasons. I am heavily Irish, over 3/4ths, green and gold are the colors of the Irish Republic. Further Gold is one the the colors of House McTully, my family’s original name before they arrived in America. Green and Gold serve as a nod to my Irish heritage.

Next i choose a dragon because, as I mentioned before I love dragons. Additionally I am a major fan of Game of Thrones and the Dragon riding Targaryens in the show. The dragon therefore serves to represent two things I like. I choose the Sun as a backdrop as it is not only a symbol of the Irish brotherhood, an organization that fought for Ireland’s independence, but it also fit in with the theme of conquest. Imperial Japan had a sun on their flag, and there was once the saying that the sun never set on the British Empire.

Then I choose for the house words the Latin phrase “Veni Vidi Vici”, which were said by Julius Caesar, meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered”. With a dragon as a house sigil it seemed only right that the house words are something that suggested conquest. Who better to say those words then a renowned and successful general and conqueror.

My Next assignment was to create a snoopy campaign poster. In the snoopy comics Snoopy does not talk very much. As such I thought it would be keeping within that spirit to have a relatively simple poster. One of the first things I thought of when I was thinking about America is Uncle Sam.

He could help Snoopy reach those voters that love America and appreciate the old classic. I quickly decided on doing a spin off of the “I want you” slogan. From their it was simply finding the right picture and putting the words on. The picture I choose is vibrant and has a nice red white and blue rim. I thought it was keeping with the America theme and helped to tie everything together well. I’ll reason that since it is unlikely snoopy is running for president any time soon that this fits in with the fantasy genre. I honestly enjoyed creating these a great deal. Especially the house sigil was fun.

Half a week down


So for the first mid week assignment we had to create several social media accounts and post on some as well.

My Instagram account is located here along with the three pictures I posted:

My Sound cloud account is here:

My YouTube channel:

My twitter account:

And the daily create that I posted to twitter:

My wordpress is:

Below is my first post that I made to WordPress. I discussed the process of completing the assignments for the week and detailed the “wonderful” process of creating my Instagram account. Finally in the post I explained why fantasy is my favorite story genre.

The Glories of Instagram

I also posted about the first three pictures i shared on instagram.

First Instagram Posts

Overall while I am incredibly happy to have completed this first set of work. I am sure that the next assignments will run a lot more smoothly

The Glories of Instagram

The first step in preparing for the class was setting up all the various accounts and services required. Some of these such as YouTube and slack were incredibly easy since I already had accounts. I started with setting up WordPress. Getting the various plugins working was incredibly and surprisingly easy. I then created a sound cloud account and moved on to Instagram.

However when I tried to create an Instagram account things were a little more interesting. I was at the point of creating an account when it wanted me to enter a code that Instagram supposedly sent to my phone in order to verify I was who I said. This is where the fun began. After five minutes of not getting a code I asked Instagram several times to resend the code. When this did not work I exited out of my browser and revisited Instagram.

However, in trying to log in, I learned that, despite not finishing my account creation, I violated Instagram’s terms of service. I know wait patiently for the always amazing Facebook support team to answer my request to reinstate my account. Oh the wonders of technology.

As far as what my favorite type of story is, that would have to be fantasy. I particularly love dragons, and fantasy works such as Game of Thrones  which has dragons. It’s a match made in heaven.


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!