A dogs perspective

To kick of the week my first assignment is telling a story from a nonhuman perspective. I based my work off of the assignment located here which was worth three stars: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/nonhuman-perspectives/

mhhmmm that was a yummy breakfast and the water was nice and fresh too. Now I need to go to the bathroom let me see if my human will let me out.

Hello human I need to go potty can you please let me out. I’m a good girl, so you could give me some pets too.

Yay yay yay, I’m gonna get to go out and go potty. I hope some squirrels are out there. Why haven’t I been let out yet?

Yes freedom woooo, I love my yard. I am the master of my domain.

This was a very unique assignment that I feel I did well on. While the assignment was meant to be a writing assignment I instead sought to combine the writing with visuals. I wouldn’t change anything about my work and feel that it fulfills the assignment well and goes beyond it by including pictures.

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