A piece of Home

My next visual assignment was a two star assignment that called for me to create a collage of places where I am comfortable. The assignment can be located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/places-of-peace/

The collage has five pictures in it of various places I find comfort. The first picture is of me laying on my dog on her bed. In laying with my dog I feel a lot of comfort. She loves giving kisses and loves getting hugs. When my sister and I were young my parents would call for nurse casey to give us kisses.

My next picture to the right is a picture of my spot on our couch in the living room. Yes I have a spot. I like this spot mainly due to it being a very comfortable couch. Aswell it was my side of the couch where my sister got the other side. I often read or relax in this spot.

My next picture on the middle left is a picture of the chair I sit in when I am on my computer. being the chair that I sit in when ever i play games or go on the web it is intrinsically tied to happy memories. My fourth picture is a picture of my bed, where I sleep. The picture needs no further explanation why I find it comforting.

My final picture is a picture that was taken at my families beach house. I have always enjoyed the beech, swimming in particular. I just love being down there and relaxing. It is almost an escape from daily life troubles for me.

This assignment was honestly harder completing than the dog selfie assignment, despite its lower star value. I knew what pictures I wanted to use I just however, had an issue with creating a collage. In the end I put all the photos in paint and played around with them until they were fitted together. I then captured a picture of my screen to complete this collage. My only issue that I would change is how the beach picture became distorted in order for me to fit them together properly. If I could I would have changed this.

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