About me: John Flood

My name is John Flood and I am a Political Science and Marketing double major and I seek to go to law school to where I plan to study constitutional and business law.

I worked as a congressional intern for Congressmen Rob Wittman of Virginia. My responsibilities included responding to constituents asking for assistance, ensuring a clear line of communication was kept open between the congressman and his constituents, and using the office suite to assist in the smooth running of the office. In addition to working as a congressional intern I worked on a number of political campaigns and am familiar with multiple campaign tools such as I360 Walk.

In addition to my work experience I have also been highly involved in numerous clubs and organizations on campus, holding leadership positions in many of them. I have been in the Student Government association for three years. I have served as the constitutional order committee chair on student senate where I led an effort to reform the SGA constitution which was then successfully passed by the student body. Following my term as committee chair I ran for and served a year as Vice-president of Senate where I implemented along with other senators rules and procedures to help ensure senate was a successful organization. Currently I serve as the SGA Vice-President and the President of Senate.

As a result of my work I have developed proficient knowledge of communication, active leadership, office suite, and how to take the initatve to meet important deadlines and duties.

My contact email is Jflood360@gmail.com

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