All things must end


This week I wanted to follow the theme of “Me”. As such I focused my assignments around various aspects or parts of my life. My first daily create coincides with this theme. I was asked what my favorite animal would look like. A red white and blue eagle would take the favorite cake. I have a strong love for the country I grew up in and that love is apart of who I am.

Along the lines of things related to me, my favorite quote. I choose a house of cards quote by Frank Underwood. I just love the overall message of the quote. You can do what you seek to accomplish. If the cards aren’t in your favor make them in to your favor.

My final daily create again tells a bit about me. The project was to create a symmetrical cactus. While that did not come out as amazing as I would have liked, it is related to me. I personally like gardening. I love to grow flowers, trees, and most especially cacti. The number of cacti I’ve had would blow your brains. So I took a picture of one of my cacti and tried my best to make it symmetrical


For my first assignment my dog was the star. I told a story with pictures from her perspective. I had a decent bit of fun with this assignment as well. Imagining what she would say if she could talked ended up being very funny.

A dogs perspective

My next assignment focused on a different aspect of my life, UMW. I wrote about move in day freshman year. As I had mentioned it wasn’t the happiest day of my life. I was very stressed and continued to be stressed for the first two weeks after move in. This assignment was admittedly not my favorite to complete. It brought up less than positive memories. I am however happy with the story I told.

From the North to West

My third assignment this week once more focuses on my dog. I promise despite all the assignments I have done this year, I am not obsessed with her. This time I took a selfie with my dog. My selfie skills were sub-par, to say the least, in the beginning of the year. However with various techniques for photography I learned I feel my skills have improved. I used this opportunity to more thoroughly introduce and talk about my dog, which I enjoyed.

Let me Take a selfie

My fourth assignment was another photo based assignment. I took made a collage out of five photos. I then discussed why these places made me feel comfortable. This was admittedly the most frustrating assignment I completed this week. This was due to me having issues formatting the pictures in to a collage. I ended up distorting the last picture to make a rectangle. Despite this issue I am proud of my work with the assignment.

A piece of Home

This project was among my favorite for the week due to the topic of it. For the assignment I created a company logo for B.J. who stars in the Wolfenstein game series. I enjoyed completing this assignment. Up until this point none of my assignments included my love of gaming in them. The week would be amiss if I did not make one reference to one of my favorite pastimes.

Wolfenstein’s Security

My sixth assignment of the week included another favorite activity of mine, listening to music. My favorite genre of music is alternative and my favorite band is Imagine dragons. With this assignment I picked my favorite song and then explained why it was my favorite. I choose the song Believer which is an up beat motivational song with great rock and pop elements tied in.


For my next assignment I recorded myself under the persona of a professor teaching ds106. This assignment tasked me with making a parody reflection of ds106. I, drawing on past experiences, made a parody cranky old teacher. This assessment was honestly very fun to create. I did however have a problem when I created this. Afterwards I could not stop yawning.

Ds106 Inner Reflections

For my final assignment of the year I decided to create my own. I created a slide show of a trip to Gettysburg that I went on. I enjoyed the trip a lot out of my huge love for history. Since none of the prior assignments included history I thought the last assignment would be a perfect spot to included it. This was also one of my favorite assignments to complete as I got to listen to some lovely civil war music. As well the assignment brought back happy memories with my family.

A trip to Remeber

This is the story of me. I love my dog with out a doubt. I admittedly had trouble adjusting to college when I moved in Freshman year. However moving in to Junior year I have gotten the swing of things. I enjoy gaming and it is one of my favorite hobbies to pass time. I am also a big fan of alternative music although I like many other genres as well. Last and not least I also enjoy history. If I could feasible have three majors I would major in history.  I feel that combining all these assignments together could give someone an idea of who I am as a person.

I will admit that I took this class to fulfill a gen ed. However I also have to say that I enjoyed it. I feel that I’ve learned many useful tips and tricks that I could apply to my marketing major. This semester we had to maintain a strong online presence. This is incredibly important with business in the present era. I also feel that I have learned a variety of new tricks and skills. I was increadibly worried about this class, not having much of artistic skill. I was worried about aduacity as well. However in the end I realize there was nothing to be worried about. I am proud of the work I have done here.

Last but not least, I have commented on the following blog post by my classmates. My last ones for this class.

And scene.






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