Alternate History here I come!

One aspect of this week that I found interesting was how one of the videos overlapped with a daily create I had done. I was tasked with tweet something in two different fonts that could result in a different interpretation or meaning of the sentence. Later in the week I watched the Ted videos, in the Carson video he talked about how fonts and style of writing can result in a different interpretation. I though this overlap pretty funny and coincidental.

Here are two other daily creates that I worked on this week. I saw on the assignment that we had to do three and so I thought better safe then sorry. Both of these were hard to create. I was struggling with finding an idea that would fulfill the daily creates. However I eventually decided that I didn’t need to over complicate things and went for a simple design that was clear and related it back to class.

I was also able to relate the TED videos and Canva to my designblitz. I thought the designs of Canva were particularly appealing. They were clean, profession, simple, and yet they served their purpose. Certain designs that Scher showed, were in comparison hard to read. This was mainly due to the confusing angles and directions of the words. Additionally Carson noted that advertising has gotten increasingly simple in recent years. From this I wanted my pictures to be clear as well.

Principles of Blitzing

As Reflective as a Mirror

Overall I am happy with the work I did this week. While I have previously commented on tweets from classmates, this week I made sure to comment on multiple blogs of my classmates. I consider this an improvement from the first week. I wish some of my designblitz pictures were more unique. In aiming for cleanness the pictures became average in my opinion. While they do meet the principles they are meant to, I wish I was able to make them pop.

Now for the question of the week. If I could change one thing in history it would have to be making it so the Bolshevik uprising never occurred in Russia. I would choose this for the sheer benefits it would confer unto the world. If the uprising never happened Russia wouldn’t have slipped out of WW1. A two war front would have made it easier for the allies to advance on the western front and would have saved many lives in the war. Additionally if the Tsardom remained in power the estimated 40-60million people Stalin had killed wouldn’t have died under the relatively less harsh monarchy. Additionally the Cold war would have never happened has Russia would not be communist. The Korean war, Vietnam war, Mao Zedong’s rise to power in China, Pol Pot’s rise in Cambodia would also have been unlikely to occur given how heavily they were influenced  by the Bolsheviks. Overall The world would be a lot more peaceful and various countries would of had a lot warmer relations with the U.S. if it wasn’t for the Bolsheviks.

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