As Reflective as a Mirror

After watching the Ted videos and looking in to canva I can easily say that canva will influence my design blitz the most.

This is an example of one of my creations I made on Canva. With canva you can make very sleek and professional looking designs. In comparison the designs of Scher over incredibly complicated and were in some cases hard to read due to the direction and ordering of the words. The designs on canva further seem to be the type that Scher would hate, calling them overly simplistic or restraining. I think this is due to the difference between postmodernist and practicalists.

I found the sociologist turned designer, David Carson, very interesting. I specifically found the part where he talked about how the different font can give off a very different message. I liked this part the most because it reminded me of one of my daily creates I did this week were I had to post a tweet with the same message but in different fonts. The idea was to choose two fonts that gave off a very different meaning. Being able to relate something he talked about to something I did showed his discussions practicality.

I did notice a common message between both Carson and Scher. In one part Carson talked about intuition as being something you can’t teach and some people just have. This reminded me of Scher’s various comments on how at certain points in her career she just had “feelings”. Despite this common message however I did notice one difference in Scher and Carons’s message. Scher bashes helvetica in the beginning going as far as to call it “facistic”. On the other hand Carson at one point suggests using helvetica font. These seems more so do to her hatred for anything simple and clean looking that is born out of her post  modernist style. Overall the pieces were interesting. I personally found Carson funny throughout, however Canva will by far influence me the most in the design assignments.

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