Cinematography basics

This week in Ds106 was all about films. For this week we had to watch several clips and read an essay all about film making techniques. One technique I was reminded about this week was how the center of the screen is an important position. When tackling my first daily create below I tried to use this technique and and placed the tree in the center of the photo.

My next daily create asked us to shows what beauty is. For this I choose my dog. With her unconditional love and her habit of giving kisses when you are sad I could not think of anything more beautiful than her.

My First reflection of the week was on a essay by Roger Ebert. I found the essay pretty interesting and while I did disagree with certain things that he said I drew some similarities between his writing and the Ted videos from the prior week. Specifically the idea that you can express certain emotions or messages with more than just words. As I mentioned I was going to do I examined Ebert’s theory that screen placement can signal whether someone is good or bad. From what I’ve seen this week I continue to doubt the theory, however I was not watching movies rather tv series.


This idea is repeated in one of the four clips I watched where Hitchcock is talking about films. I choose the four clips that I did because I had hear the various names in there before Such as “The Shining” and Hitchcock. I was not disappointed in the clips either. I did however enjoy the Kubrick video the most, partly due to the action music in the background. Further the action music again shows that visual images is not the only way to tell a story.

Week Four, Four Clips

For the nursery Rhyme I would change Humpty Dumpty. Poor Humpty feel of a wall and was all broken. In my change rhyme he stays whole and further acts as a good Samaritan.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty saw someone fall

He called the kings horses he called the kings men

To pick the man up and start him walking again.

This week I responded to four blogs and made the following comments:





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