Dogs, a natural wonder

For my first video assignment I made a video of some of my favorite pictures of my dog. This assingmnet was worth two stars and is located here:

To create the video I used Window Movie Maker. My first step was to import photos from my phone on to my computer and in to the movie maker. This was definitely the easiest step. After uploading the picture I wanted to add some effects and transitions to the slides. I did this as it would make the film more interesting and less plain.

With the transitions in I wanted to add music, for the music I used “Heil dir Im Siegerkranz” by an unknown artist. I made this choice for two reasons. The first reason is that the song is upbeat and happy. I felt that this matched the movie well, since my dog provides me with a lot of happiness. Additionally the song is one of my favorite German songs and it is not copyrighted.

I am very happy with my video of my favorite dog pictures. If I could change one thing about it I would have changed the background music. While I do like my music choice I would have preferred an Irish themed song in its place, due to my dog being of Irish heritage. However I was struggling to find a good, non-copyrighted, Irish song and as such am happy with my choice.

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