Dogs, Grams, and Games

For my fourth assignment this week I was tasked with creating a video that tells fellow ds106 classmates about me. The assignment was worth two stars and is located here:

I start the video off with my dog. She is a major part of my life and I love her to death. I then move on to my grandmother who again is a major part of my life and has always been there for me. I placed them at the beginning of my video for two reasons. The first reason is that they both come first in my life. The second reason is that at this point in the clip the music is still calm and peaceful.

The clips after them are some pictures from my favorite games. While there are other activities I like such as swimming and reading gaming is what I by far enjoy the most. For that reason just as the music picks up the clip goes to a picture from the Witcher 3. The other three games Included in the show are from Dragon Age, Skyrim, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Finally as the slide show ends the music likewise slows down. The music is one of my favorite tracks from the Witcher.

I do wish I could have found a way to incorporate my other interests however I felt that with the music and with the nature of the other pictures that those pictures would have been too out of place, risking the overall cohesion of the clip. For that reason I instead choose to focus on gaming. I also had a decent amount of fun creating this clip and it was among my top assignments this week.

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