Ds106 Inner Reflections

This week I have undertaken the theme of assignments relating to “Me”. While this next project may seem of topic from this theme I would argue that it is still intertwined. My next assignment is a 2 1/2 star assignment to make a parody reflection on ds106. We were allowed to choose the perspective of the reflection as well so I choose to act as the ever wonderful, Professor Snoozeston P.H.D.

I will argue that this is still however tied in to my central theme. I have taken ds106 and the “Professor” is teaching ds106. I have also considered when I older, teaching law at a university. So in this way I believe this assignment fits in with the theme of the week.

While, I was tempted to make a parody featuring a disgruntled student taking this class to fulfill a gen ed; I could not resist the idea of making a monotone bring teacher. I have had plenty of experience with monotone teachers and so I drew on them for inspiration.

I am happy with my audio clip and wouldn’t change anything about it. Admittedly I now can’t stop yawning as a result of recording the clip. It must have brought back old memories. Regardless I am proud of the clip and I hope someone fill find it mildly amusing or ironically realistic.

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