Flags Flying over Moscow

Apart of the theme of what if the Bolshevik revolution failed I needed to create an alternative history image. I thought of several various images I could create however in the end I decided to edit an image so the Imperial Russian flag was flying over the Kremlin instead of the Russian Federation Flag.

I started with an Image of the Imperial Russian Flag. I choose this image as the folds and crinkles in it would help give an appearance that the flag was moving. I desaturated the flag to help fit in better with the image of the Kremlin I choose. As well assuming as I did that if the Bolsheviks failed and Russia remained a monarchy the flag that they would have flying would be old and weathered.

Next the image of the Kremlin I choose is below. There was however One issue with the picture. It had a Communist star. If the revolution failed that wouldn’t have been there, using paint I was able to wipe away the star.

My next step was to work the Imperial flag over the Federal Flag. It took a bit of work but I eventually managed to overlay the photos over each other in word. Since I don’t own Photoshop I sadly could not use that. But I finally got the flag in to a position I liked.

I then Entered the photo in to an editing program I have called polar. I wanted to make sure the pictures blended in together more. To do this I used a tool to increase the temperature in the picture. The resulting image was this.

The Final step was for two reasons. First I wanted to counter the dreary cover of the book about communism and make this look nice and vibrant in comparison. Secondly I wanted to further help the two photos blend in with each other. As such I increased vibrancy by 50% and saturation by 35%.  The Final Resulting Image was this.

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  1. Great details here! You did an awesome job of describing and detailing the process of creating your alternative history image. I love the vibrant colors of your final image and the realistic looking Imperial Russian flag. One critique I would give you is that you have some punctuation errors throughout your writing that you need to fix. Overall, you did an excellent job in designing the alternative history image!

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