From the North to West

My next assignment is another writing assignment. The assignment calls for us to detail an account of our move in day freshman year. The assignment is two stars and is located here:

My move in day began a day early. I live in New Jersey and since my move in was in the morning I had to drive down a night early. Once we arrived in Fredricksburg we brought luggage in to the hotel located directly across the road from UMW. My entire immediate family had come with me. My mother, my sister who was about to go back to her own college in New York, and my father. In the morning around 10A.M. we left to hotel to head to Westmoreland.

I remember getting increasingly nervous about my move in. I was worried among other things that I would have less than desirable roommates. I was also incredibly worried about meeting new people. We had finally arrived and I met my roommate and one of my suit mates. My fears were calmed a bit at that point. We continued moving in and I eventually met my other suit mate.

We were near finished unloading everything after we went to Giant to get a few extra necessities. At this point my suit mates seemed to be gone as was my roommate. Alas we had finished unpacking and it was time for my family to go. My mother often cries over small things, whenever my sister comes home and then heads back to college my mother would cry. However she saw how worried and nervous I was and she held back her tears.

We had one big family hug before they finally said goodbye I felt a bit comforted. Soon after my roommate and suit mate had returned and we began to talk and hangout. While I was still nervous hanging out with these new people gave me a sense of relief.

I believe I did well telling a story with this assignment. While my first move in day was not the happiest I remember it very well. Looking back I almost feel silly about how worried I was. I believe I did a good job at detailing my experience.

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