God Save the Tsar

Last week I proposed a what if the Bolshevik revolution failed. This week I had to make an audio clip about my alternate history. In the audio clip i detailed the time line that culminated in the end of the first world war with Tsar Nicholas II still on the throne.

This was definitely quite a project to complete. I had at times stopped and started the recording. There were points where I had minor word slips. There was also the issue of incorporating background sounds and music in to the clip. Firstly I recorded the entire audio clip, cutting pieces out here and there and working it together so the story flowed well.

For my next step I wanted to add various sound effects to liven up various areas of the recording so it was more then me just talking. For the clips I used freesound.org which was a very helpful site. I found a variety of useful sound effects that I incorporated in to my track. After I found all the sound effects I wanted I finally wanted to add some music to the background. For this I used the song Heil Dir im Siegerkranz, written by an unknown composer. I made sure to lower the volume of the song to make sure it would not override myself nor the sound effects.

The final step was exporting the file and uploading it to Soundcloud. This went smoothly and I finally embedded the clip in to his post. This was a project that I found very interesting. It was not hard however it did take a lot of working with audacity to get the track to sound the way I wanted. I am proud of the work and feel that I did a good job with it.

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  1. This was really good. I really like the background music which is something that I wish I could have incorporated into mine. The premise is interesting and you did a good job with it.

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