Lights, Camera, Action!


For my first daily create I was asked to post about what makes my heart sing. For this I posted a picture of Skyrim. Skyrim is by far my favorite game I’ve ever played and I felt it appropriate as the soundtrack of the game can make you quite literally want to sing.

Speaking of things that make your heart sing, for my second daily create I was asked to post my favorite food and describe how to cook it. This week did not have many options in terms of options. While I am happy with my daily creates they were not very fun to complete, especially compared to last weeks.

Dogs, a natural wonder

The first assignment this week asked me to create a video with my favorite dog pictures. I enjoyed this assignment quite a lot as it allowed me to look at pictures of my dog and call it home work. I am happy with my assignment I would however wished that I had used a more Irish themed song since my dog is Irish. Despite this I feel that I did well on this assignment and included cute dog pictures very well.

Game of Ebert

The second assignment in the week asked me to take a scene and analyze it based off of Roger Ebert’s essay. While this was not my favorite assignment, it was my most interesting one. I enjoyed dissecting one of my all time favorite shows and found it interesting how it fitted in well with Ebert’s rules. While I would still say that his rules are not steadfast and are broken, a lot, there is some merit to his words. While I was initially skeptical about his theory I am less so now.

Sir Humpty Dumpty and my Irish vacation.

Another video that I created asked me to show some place that I would like to take a vacation to. For this I choose Ireland. I have discussed many times in the past my Irish heritage. This is the major reason why I would like to visit Ireland. However I would also like to visit the country for its castles and other historical sites. I have also mentioned my love for things that are medieval, this plays a major role in me wanting to visit aswell.

I also enjoyed completing this assignment. I saw several amazing pictures of Ireland; with beautiful views and beautiful castles.  I also liked my experimentation with various special effects and transitions that I did not try in my first assignment.

Dogs, Grams, and Games

My final assignment of the week asked me to make a video that detailed who I am at heart. I was torn on trying to include all my favorite activities I instead narrowed it down to my love of my dog, grandmother, and gaming. I am very happy with my work on this assignment and the only thing I would have wished for is a way to incorporate all my interests.

I thought I did really well with this week in making my videos. I enjoyed using interesting transitions and effects to alter and spicen up my clips. I also feel that I did well with telling a story, this time combining visual and audio to work in tandem with each other. I also feel that I did well with commenting this week. I cemented on the following blogs:








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