Our is the sigil

For the first media  assignment I choose the 3 star create your own sigil assignment. I choose the green and gold colors for two reasons. I am heavily Irish, over 3/4ths, green and gold are the colors of the Irish Republic. Further Gold is one the the colors of House McTully, my family’s original name before they arrived in America. Green and Gold serve as a nod to my Irish heritage.

Next i choose a dragon because, as I mentioned before I love dragons. Additionally I am a major fan of Game of Thrones and the Dragon riding Targaryens in the show. The dragon therefore serves to represent two things I like. I choose the Sun as a backdrop as it is not only a symbol of the Irish brotherhood, an organization that fought for Ireland’s independence, but it also fit in with the theme of conquest. Imperial Japan had a sun on their flag, and there was once the saying that the sun never set on the British Empire.

Then I choose for the house words the Latin phrase “Veni Vidi Vici”, which were said by Julius Caesar, meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered”. With a dragon as a house sigil it seemed only right that the house words are something that suggested conquest. Who better to say those words then a renowned and successful general and conqueror.

My Next assignment was to create a snoopy campaign poster. In the snoopy comics Snoopy does not talk very much. As such I thought it would be keeping within that spirit to have a relatively simple poster. One of the first things I thought of when I was thinking about America is Uncle Sam.

He could help Snoopy reach those voters that love America and appreciate the old classic. I quickly decided on doing a spin off of the “I want you” slogan. From their it was simply finding the right picture and putting the words on. The picture I choose is vibrant and has a nice red white and blue rim. I thought it was keeping with the America theme and helped to tie everything together well. I’ll reason that since it is unlikely snoopy is running for president any time soon that this fits in with the fantasy genre. I honestly enjoyed creating these a great deal. Especially the house sigil was fun.

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