This week we had to complete three daily creates

For my first daily create we had to propose an app idea. So i proposed and app i named Censor+. The app would monitor your phone for any potential offensive language and censor you if it found any. The app would prevent any mean tweets or hate speech from being spread on the internet. All for a small fee of $2.99.

My next daily create called for us to pick out a 3d printed model and explain how it represents us. I choose a model of Ireland.  I am proud of my Irish heritage and felt that the model accurately depicts and describes who I am.

My Final daily create called for us to enter what we wanted to tweet in to a program that would change our tweet in to an interesting font. There was a wide variety of choices but I finally decided on using the one above. For the most part I made this choice because it was one of the easiest to read.

Besides the daily creates I also engaged in my first media assignments. I enjoyed creating both images for the assignments. When reading through the syllabus the description for the media assignments had me slightly confused and worried. But after completing them I am proud of the assignments and realized it wasn’t nearly as confusing as I thought it would be.

Our is the sigil

Finally we also had to undertake a photo blitz. We were given a list of various requirements that our pictures needed to meet. For instance, a picture of someone else’s shoe or foot, or a picture with one predominant color.

Photography Foray

In regards to the photoblitz I wish I had done better in certain aspects. There was one picture I was unable to get. Additionally there were two others that didn’t meet the requirements as well as I would have liked. Despite that however I thought my photo blitz was very successful. I particularly thought that the picture of a painting met the requirement of making someone question if it was a picture really well. Looking forward I am excited to see what this class can teach me. As a marketing major this class seems like it could have some very practical applications.  The readings we had were already useful in undertaking the photoblitz. Especially with this photography unit. Given that photography plays a major role in marketing the things I have learned will be useful in the future.




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