Photography Foray

The Time I started at

Photo with a Predominant color


An interesting Shadow

Photo in to bright light

These two photos follow the tip of be aware of light well. With the first pic a very interesting shadow is being created due to the light from the sun. Additionally the second pic has a very nice sun glare that adds some color to the picture.


Picture of someone else’s shoe

Two objects that do not belong

Photo at an odd angle

Photo of converging lines

This photo emphasizes the point that your point of view matters greatly. Since the object is cylindrical and open at the top by taking a picture at this view point you are not only drawn in by the converging lines but also by the object moving down and towards the center.

Repeating pattern

Object in motion

This is one picture I admittedly had trouble with, making an inanimate object look alive. I tried to drop a pen and take a photo as it dropped. I however had trouble with the timing. With the limited time frame I got the best picture I could hope to get.

moving the camera

This was another picture I had trouble with. Thankfully the wind helped to give the trees at least some sense of motion as I moved the camera. However I do think this picture does well in making sure both the fore and background are interesting. The trees are at various distances not only filling both areas with something but it also gives the photo a sense of depth.


looking through an opening

photo of complexity

abstract photo

photo of joy


end time

One thing that I think I did well with the photo blitz is taking pictures of non traditional views like the guide recommended. I thought about what I wanted to take pictures of thoroughly before actually starting the blitz. This helped me incredibly in terms of time. I choose to take photos around my house and just outside it. I thought that this would give me the greatest opportunity for completing everything on time.

I think my Photo of Joy and the abstract photo worked the best. However,  abstract photo was the most inventive. I took a photo of a painting. I think that could confuse someone on whether or not it is a picture. I admittedly did have difficulties making an inanimate object look alive, as well as difficulties in making a feeling of motion. Other than that I am very happy with the pictures I took.

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