Principles of Blitzing

The first picture I choose represents alignment, the tower being in the center of the picture.

The second picture involves hierarchy, certain words are highlighted and emboldened

The third picture is color. The red is used because warm colors tend to make people hungry.

The fourth picture is contrast, the dark black compared to the light white.

Finally this ad focuses on space, it is simple and to the point.

Compared to the photblizt this assignment was not all that fun. It was hard finding the pictures that could meet the requirements. Especially considering I don’t live anywhere near billboards or advertising screens that are seen in the city.

I did know what I wanted to do for colors right a way however. I remembered hearing how fast food restaurants use warm colors as these color tend to make people hungry. Not only is this a rather ingenious way to advertise for food companies but it also portrays how color can change an image and its effect.

Space and alignment were two ideas that just came to me as I was thinking of what to do for them. I choose got milk mainly because I remember when the nutrition campaign began and thought the simplistic style fit in with space well.

Another student admittedly gave me the idea for hierarchy. While their picture involved emboldened labels I was reminded of textbooks and how they love to highlight”key words”. Finally there is contrast. i was struggling with what to do for this one for the longest time, then I began thinking about the woods used to illustrate the principle on adobe. I noticed the dark sides compared to the white center. This got me on track to thinking contrasts between white and black. After a couple minutes of brainstorming I finally came up with zebras.

This assignment was fairly tough. While I quickly came up with ideas for photoblitz as I read them ideas for designblitz took much longer. However, with the right inspiration I was able to come up with pictures that met the various principles well.

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