One reflection that we had to write about was reflection on Roger Ebert’s article on how to read a movie.

The idea of co-authorship that was discussed in one of the audio videos is also present in Ebert’s piece. He discusses how an audience is very helpful when breaking down each shot of a film. This is almost like co-authorship, working together to give or find meaning in something. This idea is further echoed with Ebert say “I wasn’t the teacher and my students weren’t the audience, we were all in this together.”.

I do not not personally see what he means by certain areas of the screen have an intrinsic weighting. To me, an area of the screen would stir emotions if it contained very emotional. The idea that this is somehow hard wired in to people is however note worthy.

Another part of the essay that I found interesting is where he discusses how the placement of someone on screen could hint at if they are good or bad. While I do not believe this is accurate for modern movie or television I plan to test the theory and pay attention to character placement.

The piece was definitely interesting. I do object to some of his assertions however most of what he argues makes sense. I especially liked the part where he discusses co-authorship in movie form. This had resonated with me from the Ted videos and continues to do so with film.


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