Sir Humpty Dumpty and my Irish vacation.

For my third video assignment this week I was tasked with creating a video of some place I would like to visit. While there are several places in Europe I would like to visit by far I would like to visit Ireland the most. The assignment was worth four stars and is located here:

My first step for creating the video was to find various pictures of Ireland. The main reason why I’d want to go to Ireland is for some of the amazing castles they have there. Additionally my Irish heritage also plays in to me wanting to go. I did however want to make the castles the star of my piece. I made sure to include of large number of castle pictures and mix them in with the Irish country side and a couple government buildings.

With the slides inserted in to my movie maker next came the task of implementing transitions and effects. I wanted to make this clip different from the prior one. On that note I implemented different transitions as well as different picture effects, for instance the edge detector effect that I start the clip off with. Finally I added music to the picture, this time I found an Irish band and it works really well with the clip.

Finally I ended the clip with a picture of Humpty Dumpty. For the midweek assignment I had altered the classic Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. I had done some research on Humpty and found that in the original publishing Humpty had fallen of a castle wall. For this reason I included him in the end of my clip. Given all the castles that where in my clip there is a high likelihood that Humpty feel off of one of those castle walls.

I am very happy with my work on this assignment. My only regret was that I had to opt for a lower quality image as the higher quality file was to large to upload on to here. Despite that I am really happy with my various transitions, effects and music. I believe I captured why I would want to visit Ireland very well with the pictures.

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