Story Effects

Another audio assignment this week was to tell a story using just sound effects.  The assignment was worth four stars

When I first read that it should be something more than just getting ready in the morning my brain immediately went to driving. First I got a sound of a car door closing, and then I got one of a car starting. I then proceeded to find a clip of a car driving at what sounded like high speeds. At this point I needed two more sound clips to reach the five minimum.

The high speed gave me the idea to make the story a car crash. Next I added the clip of the car crashing. I however at this point forgot to add a fifth sound. I had unfortunately uploaded the video and closed out of audacity when I realized i needed one more clip. Below is an Image of my audacity board after I added the fifth sound of texting. Texting not only helped me meet the requirement of five sounds but it also helped complete the story as a whole.

Overall I think my track does tell a story really well. This assignment is however one of my most hated assignments ever. This is not because of the assignment itself or even working with audacity. I hate this assignment because of working with Soundcloud. For some reason they thought I was using copyrighted music from a k-pop band. I have no clue why they thought this however it caused me a lot of frustration. Soundcloud had taken down my original clip and after a frustrating appeal, I got it reinstated. I then however, realized that I needed a fifth sound and I had to go through the process yet again. For this reason alone I was not a fan of the assignment.

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