The Glories of Instagram

The first step in preparing for the class was setting up all the various accounts and services required. Some of these such as YouTube and slack were incredibly easy since I already had accounts. I started with setting up WordPress. Getting the various plugins working was incredibly and surprisingly easy. I then created a sound cloud account and moved on to Instagram.

However when I tried to create an Instagram account things were a little more interesting. I was at the point of creating an account when it wanted me to enter a code that Instagram supposedly sent to my phone in order to verify I was who I said. This is where the fun began. After five minutes of not getting a code I asked Instagram several times to resend the code. When this did not work I exited out of my browser and revisited Instagram.

However, in trying to log in, I learned that, despite not finishing my account creation, I violated Instagram’s terms of service. I know wait patiently for the always amazing Facebook support team to answer my request to reinstate my account. Oh the wonders of technology.

As far as what my favorite type of story is, that would have to be fantasy. I particularly love dragons, and fantasy works such as Game of Thrones  which has dragons. It’s a match made in heaven.


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