Week Four, Four Clips

Another assignment this week was to watch four clips and write a reflection piece for them.

The first clip was “2001 A Space Odyssey- match cut”. The main thing that I noticed in the film is that they appeared to be comparing the bone moving around in the sky to what appears to be a satellite in space. What can be learned from this is that there are ways to get your message across without words. This reminds me of the assignment last week to tell a story with just sound effects.

The next piece I viewed was a short clip where Hitchcock discusses “pure film”. In the film he shows two clips of himself reacting first to a woman with a child, and second to a woman in a bikini. He smiles with both women. He then explains how from this a watchers perspective of him as a character would differ greatly depending on the clip they saw. This seems to me like co-authorship but with pictures. You are letting the audience tell their own story about the man based off of their perspective.

The third clipped I watched focused on zooms in the flim “The Shining”. From this I could see that zooming in and out can help significantly to increase tension and suspense that something big is going to happen. Zooming in however seems to make things more suspenseful then zooming out.

The final video that I watched also happened to be the one I understood the best. While the video did not provide much explanation for what was happening I remember learning about how the center of the screen is often used as a focal point. It is used to portray a sense of power, control, or importance. With this I quickly realized what the clip was trying to point out.

From these clips I learned that you can communicate in films with more than just words, you can use pictures as well as cuts to different scenes to get across a message. Further zooming in and out of a scene is an important technique that can help increase suspense. Finally the center of the screen is often used to portray someone or something as important. I enjoyed watching the clips and found them really informative and interesting, and these techniques will be useful when we have to make movies.


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