Why the Revolution Failed

In my midweek question I proposed a what if the communist revolution in Russia failed. For my book cover I choose to do a picture of Lenin speaking to a crowd. However there were a number of changes I wanted to make for my cover. The image I started with is directly below.

First thing I did using some photo editing software was change the overall temperature of the picture to something more cool and blue. The reason I wanted to do this was that cool blue reminded me of winter, which is often used as a literary tool to express loss or isolation. I felt that this would be a good aspect for the cover.

Next I wanted to decrease the photo’s saturation for two reasons. The first was to strengthen the theme of isolation. The second reason was to match the drab, dull, grey, communist stereotype that is often seen in Bolshevik photos and clothing. Again the program I was using had a saturation bar option in it.

With the cover looking how I like it the final step was to add a title.The program I was using thankfully had an add text option.

The Inner flap of the book would serve as a preface. It would explain that there was a communist uprising in Russia, however it ultimately failed. Then the main reasons for the failure would be outlined. Finally it would discuss briefly the ramifications the failed uprising had on the world and would then lead in to the book’s first chapter.

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  1. This is a really cool idea. The book cover looks nice, but if you could specify what program you were using to create the cover and possibly show screenshots of the process it would add a lot to the post.

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