Wolfenstein’s Security

I have mentioned several times my love of games. For this next project, worth 3 1/2 stars, I was tasked with creating a company logo for any “character” of my choice. I choose to interpret this as any video game character. The assignment can be located here:  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/branding/

I quickly came of with the idea to do a Wolfenstein based logo. In the world of Wolfenstein the Germans had technological breakthroughs which allowed them to ultimately conquer the world. You play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an American solider bent on destroying the Nazi Regime. Since B.J.’S main mission is to protect people I thought “Why not a business to protect against the Nazis”.

I scrolled to the security logo section on www.designmantic.com and found the German Eagle. I thought t would be nice and ironic to have a German Eagle being the companies symbol since the company would protect against Germans.

My next step was adding the name of the company to the design. I sought to continue to ironic streak with the name. While someone who does not know the context would think it’s a German-based security company. In actuality it is security against the German Reich.

My Final product can be seen below. I felt that the security company could help protect rebel governments as well as the average person and so decided to had the to images on either side.

This was an interesting project to complete and I am happy with its results. I was having trouble finding a design assignment that I could tie in with the general story of “Me” but by relating this to gaming I feel that i’ve tied it in rather well.

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